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Kent, Washington

Office Hours: Monday Through Saturday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

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23906 Westview Ct, Kent WA 98031 • (253) 486-6852


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Dr. Detail's Pledge "I'll Bring Back The Brilliance"

Stan Montgomery aka Dr Detail

I'm sure that everyone has been taken in by someone guaranteeing that their products are far better than anyone else’s and that their work is far superior to anyone else's. Being skeptical is human nature now day’s and if you’ve been stung this way I understand, but when you try my service you'll know that what I say about my work and the products are indeed true! If you miss out on what I have to offer at Vantastic Mobile Auto Detailing you’ll have passed by one great service.

At the young age of 60 in 2000 I decided to start my newest business "Vantastic Mobile Auto Detailing" and if you would have said that I would be doing this I would have certainly thought that you where crazy! In the summer of 2000 I would receive a product which would start me on a trip to creating the best Detailing service in the Puget Sound area. I was introduced to the best Car Care products bar none, Griot's Garage Car Care Product’s. These Exterior and Interior products where researched and developed to bring back and protect that new car look which you love so much! These products are absolutely the very best I have found in the 44 years of taking care of my own auto's! These products all work as they are supposed to, "What A RARITY" they do such an outstanding job, that even the most picky perfectionist will be totally amazed at the end results I accomplish with your vehicle. Even I get a big smile on my face when I’ve finished detailing your vehicle. Being from the old school of work ethics I take the utmost pride in each vehicle I work on and you will find that you’ve received much much more than you expected! Your car will have that outstanding mirror like finish again and your Interior will look like new. We apply a Polycoat sealant to give your car maximum protection from the harsh Puget Sound elements for up to one year!

That's My Personal Guarantee to You My Customers!

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